Synbotik brings the famous old-school, early digital flavor of the DK Synergy into this decade. With only an estimated 100 units still functioning in the world, this is a rarity that should not be missed.

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Future Cities of the Future turned 3 today!

Future Cities of the Future turned 3 today!

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I drew these cartoon versions of Michael Brough, Anna Antrophy and Jonas & Verena Kyratzes for the third issue of WASD, a German bookzine with a fresh approach to videogames and games writing.

They accompany an article on independent game makers and the hyper-inclusive Lost Levels un-conference written by my buddy and Superlevel partner-in-crime Dennis Kogel. I highly recommend giving the mag a try, it’s pleasantly unconventional, well-designed and a treat for true videogame romantics and curious onlookers alike. (Buy it here or look at a free digital preview of the whole thing.)

Also, I’m super proud to finally see some of my work printed!

The Jonas and Verena picture looks an awful lot like Kat (my wife) and I!

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people love to shade “Shiny Happy People” as this jolly, inane, throwaway song but i’ve just heard it in the Co-op while getting lunch and i’d like to point out:

1. the strings at the start (and transition into the band playing), which pop up again mid-way through the song, are in fact…

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02 - The Inventor



Hi there! This second article on Bones/Marrow is all about ‘the inventor’. An inventor who mainly works with strings, screws and wood: Yuri Landman. I visited him in Veenendaal where he lives with his girlfriend, kids and cats and we talked for about an hour. It is so refreshing to talk to someone who is truly passionate about his profession. While most people make a living at the office, he created something that works for him only. He travels the world giving workshops and lectures or making music with other artists. You realize then: when you know what you want in life, you can actually achieve it. All you need to do is “strap on a pair”.

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The Stone Roses big return to Glasgow after there 1991 show in The Classic Grand ended in turmoil when there was 12 polly bags over the venue door and the show was cancelled due to a buid up of condensation and old receipts.
I summon a half pint Steve Lamaq cider in

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